I hiked from 8 to 5 today and got in 7 miles. Man, was it tough. Three peaks of goose eye mountain. The tops were boggy like the top of mt success. Board walking in the fog is eerie. More activities such as scrambling up rock faces greeted us this morning along with climbing metal rungs installed in sheer rock. Everything is still pretty wet. It rained last night again. Carpenter and I made a lot of noise on trail today, singing and laughing and whooping and hollering. It was good for morale. We had to make up for yesterday which was probably one of our lowest days. Those days happen.


Carpenter and I hiked with River Song most of the day. We didn’t feel it was right for her to go through the Mahoosuc notch alone. Also she’s great company. She’s an ecologist and can answer all our questions about what berries we can eat, what certain plants are, which trees are what. I learned about hobble bush today and slugs and the fine differences between a spruce and a fir.

So, this thing I mentioned: the Mahoosuc notch. It’s well known as the hardest mile on the AT. There are crazy boulder scrambles and moments when you have to wedge yourself between rocks and crawl on your hands and knees. At times it was necessary to slide on your butt, with trekking poles on the back of your pack scraping rocks behind. It took us over 2 hours to cover that one mile. It was gobs of fun. Hopefully when I’m back home I’ll be able to upload videos of this hike. We got some good video through the notch. Lots of awesome video of the whole trip actually. I’m happy my hiking partner owns a Go Pro. A Go Pro is an adventure sport camera that films in really high quality wide angle.


Another cool thing about the Mahoosuc notch was the temperature changes. Very obvious drops in temperature as we descended into cave areas. I had to take my pack off sometimes and we helped each other out through the trickiest sections. There was not always one clear path and we had to determine the best way forward. It would have been very easy to get seriously injured today. Luckily that did not happen.

At five o’clock we came to a campsite. We could either go on through to the Mahoosuc arm or stay put. Considering we heard thunder in the distance and that the arm is as bad as the notch (except it’s nearly vertical), we stayed put.

Jabberwocky and Swami showed up later and we had good hiker talk. They’re still up chatting and eating as I lay here updating this here blog. I’m tired but happy. Tomorrow we have seven miles to a road, then we’re going into town for more food. Yum, food. A shower and clean clothes, especially socks, would be nice to, but we’ll see.


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