Top bunk. Nobody wants the top bunk. It is super comfortable though. I’m at The Cabin hostel.

Climbed Old Speck today and the Mahoosuc arm which wasn’t as bad as the rest of these Maine mountains. The wet rocks are slowing me down still.

Ran into Rusty, Toast and Leaks in town and Catch at the hostel. Honey and Bear, the hostel owners here at The Cabin are really sweet. I wish I were zeroing here.

The Mahoosuc arm wasn’t so bad. Just more sheer rock faces. I heard a south bounder broke his arm going down it. Me and carpenter ran out of food today and my biggest challenge was low blood sugar. I got two Hershey bars and a package of pop tarts from a day hiker though and we jacked a package of crackers from the bear box at speck pond campsite.We were in survival mode. It sucks to hike hungry. It’s down right dangerous. But we made it! And Honey picked up our boxes at the post office so we didn’t have to wait until Tuesday to get our food resupplies. Everything has a way of working out.

I met Nickelodeon today and Roam and Trigs and her dog Grommet and more. This place is packed. A shower and clean clothes feel amazing.


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