Ahhh, it’s good to be back in the woods laying in my hammock. Got a ride back to the trail this morning and hiked up Old Blue, a 2000 foot climb, but the only major climb of the day. The trail was wet. It was a stream in many places and the mud in other places was several feet deep, but at least it didn’t rain! It sprinkled for a bit, but nothing serious. It is raining right now though. It started about five minutes after I got into my hammock.

I’m camped out with Leaks, Swami and River Song. Swami made us chai tea. We had a fire and good conversation. Maine is beautiful. I feel like I’m back in the wilderness. I see only more mountains from the peaks, no signs of  metropolis.

The temperature is good. Seventies. Just cool enough that I have to put another layer on when I stop hiking. The weather is supposed to be dry for a while now, but who knows? I’ll take it as it comes. Gotta go to rangeley tomorrow to buy more aqua mira to purify my water.


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