I got more water purification in rangeley and ran into whistle and grim in the bigelow mountains. Gorgeous climb. Mossy, rooty, rocky. Great hiking weather. The temperature dropped in the late afternoon and it was chilly, chilly. We’re at horn pond lean to (which is what the Maine appalachian club calls shelters) with button, the hunger, pretzel, the beast, messenger and hugs who I just met for the first time today. Delightful human being.

We spent the evening sitting at horn pond playing with the echo, making goofy noises, singing and shouting. It was neat to watch the wind blow across the pond making ripples.

I talked to a couple rangers at a road crossing. They were putting up a sign asking for help with the investigation of the Maine AT hiker who went missing. They’ve canvassed the entire area she was last seen, but haven’t found anything. I didn’t know her, but my thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Maine is my favorite state. It’s a lot like northern Wisconsin, except with mountains. It was really good to see old friends today. We had a lot of fun. Looking forward to more hiking and shenanigans tomorrow.


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