Oh boy, oh boy was it cold this morning and the cold wind blew most of the night. After a steep thousand footer this am, my fingers and toes warmed up. I hiked through the rest of the bigelows. The peaks were super windy and foggy. The clouds were moving fast though and I got some views.


Then I came upon some great trail magic at a gravel road. This is where we met up with Clever girl and dump truck who we haven’t seen since the white mountains. They flip flopped. So we spent all afternoon here with grim, whistle, the hunger and pretzel and other hikers. We ate burgers asks candy bars and cold drinks and pasta salad and chips.

Now we’re camped next to a pond and clever girl played her ukulele. She played the three little birds song for me by Bob Marley. It’s been a wonderful day. Could life get any better?



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