Hiked twenty plus miles today in some of the most beautiful terrain I’ve seen the entire trail. Hiked along otter creek, crossed the kennebec river in a canoe, the official way of the trail because the river is too dangerous to ford. The canoe only runs until four though so we hustled to catch it. Hill Billy Dave took whistle and I across. What a grand adventure!


Now hunger, grim, whistle and I are sharing a canvas tent at a brewery in caratunk. It has mattresses. Fancy. I think this place is called northern outdoors. They do guided water sports and other outdoor adventure and have cabins and tents and a restaurant. We sat in the hot tub a while, got some hot food and cold beers. Good night. Lots of other hikers here and tons of tourists. There was live music. Lots of songs we could sing along to.

We’re almost done! It’s amazing, but also kinda sad, okay a lot sad. I’m going to miss this simple life. At the same time I’m eager to go home and see my friends and family. I’m trying to enjoy the trail as much as possible and stay in the moment.

Maine has so many ponds and pine forests and roots and rocks and waterfalls. It’s gorgeous. I’ve been hearing loons all day. I’m coming back to Maine someday for sure. Great people here too. Oh what a glorious life it is as a hiker.


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