This morning I climbed Moxie Bald. I got a little emotional, realizing that this is one of the last few peaks before Katahdin.


I’m going to miss this life so much. The simplicity, the beauty, seeing my friends all the time. This is going to be a tough week. As I write this I hear loons in the distance and there are so, so many stars in the sky.

We got a few sprinkles of rain today, but nothing much. I forded a few rivers, fell into one and walked along the Piscataquis river for most of the day.

I walked nineteen miles to Monson, ME where I’m staying at the 100 mile wilderness hostel. It’s just before the start of the wilderness.

Carpenter is here doing some carpentry for the owner. It’s good to be reunited with him. This hostel isn’t finished quite yet. It’s a group of mini cabins with bunks.

A week ago I wanted to go home, but now I’m nervous and sad about leaving the trail. Just gotta think that it’s time for this adventure to end and another to begin.


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