Got breakfast at Shaw’s this morning. The hostel has been very busy this year I heard. Queen diva was there. I met her in hot springs, nc. Ran into lentil and Pfeiffer who I haven’t seen since va.

After getting my boxes at the post office, a bunch of hikers and I drank beer and hung out at the picnic table by the lake. Hikers everywhere!

I said goodbye to carpenter for something like the third time and got on a sea plane. Yes a plane! With grim and Whistle. We sky blazed to the white house landing in the 100 mile wilderness. We covered 69 trail miles in 40 minutes. It was an incredible flight. Then we got a ride in a motor boat back to the trail head.


That mountain is Katahdin. The end of the trail. The famous sign is atop. This was the first time I’ve seen Katahdin. It’s huge! And overwhelming.


It’s hard to believe I’m almost done. I’m sad Carpenter isn’t here. I’ve hiked almost this entire trail with him. Now he’s 69 miles behind. It’s wrong that he’s not here for the last few days. I’m not going to summit without him though. I think I’ll hang out at abol camp ground until he catches up and we can hike the last sixteen miles together.

Ay. What a day. It felt good to get back on the trail. It was familiar. Planes are so fast. It’s a sensory overload. 45 miles to go. Here I come Katahdin! Only walked from Georgia to get here.


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