Had a very pleasant 17 mile walk today, through mostly flat rocky, rooty, muddy trail. We circled Nahmakanta Lake and climbed Nesuntabunt mountain where we got a 16 mile line of sight view of Katahdin.


How did we ever get this far? I ran into Techie who I haven’t seen since VA and met Shakespeare and talked to Headstand.

Whistle got stung eight times by bees this morning while she was peeing on their nest. Later in the day she tripped on a root and fell. I asked which one did it to her and I ripped it out of the ground. Not very good leave no trace but I avenged my friend.

We’re all having a pretty rough time with this end of trail thing. At least the hikers I’m close to are. What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? How’s it going to be? The trail has changed all of us and we’re not sure what to expect when we leave the trail. I know it’ll be okay. Everything will work out, but it’s hard not to be a little worried. The worst part is leaving the trail. This place has been my home for the part six months. It’s not something I expect anybody but a thru hiker to understand. The AT just kinda gets a hold of you.

Through all the snowstorms, ice storms, hail, freezing rain, regular rain, bugs, heat, steep climbs, treacherous trail, mugginess, cold, cold nights I still love this trail. It teaches patience and acceptance and humility. In brings people together, sometimes in the most bizarre ways. I can’t help but be sentimental. I’ve made so many life long friends on this journey. I’m going to miss them.

Whistle read me and Grim a chapter from her book tonight. She does that most nights. We’re camped on rainbow lake by the dam. We have twelve miles to Abol Bridge tomorrow which is where I’m going to stop and wait for Carpenter. I have to charge my phone so I can take pictures of the last few days of this trip. Sunshine to bed!


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