Woke up at rainbow dam after only a little bit of rain over night, cooked coffee, ate breakfast and headed out. The fog was receding over the lake as we packed up and all morning as I hiked I heard loons crying, even heard them in the middle of the night.

After eleven something miles we came to abol bridge where there was a restaurant. I ate way too much and shot the bull with java and Rob. Now we’re at the campsite across the road. I met mama goose and grape and Popeye. We talked with skyline and went swimming in the Penobscot river. Mostly logging trucks roll by on the road here and there is no phone at the restaurant/store. We had some thunder and rain but it blew over pretty fast. I had a great time hiking today and hanging out with fellow hikers.

Tomorrow I’m headed into Millinocket to wait for Carpenter to catch up and to celebrate with grim, whistle, clever girl and dump truck when they finish the day after tomorrow. The night is warm, the day was muggy. I thought I was in Maine?

Life is good. Now I’m laying in my hammock listening to hikers joke and laugh in the distance around a fire. I’m so glad I hiked this trail and met so many wonderful people.

At the rainbow ledges we saw Katahdin again. I could barely cover it with my hand it was so close. It was ensconced in clouds and I knew hikers were summitting as I gazed upon it. How did I get this far? Off to bed.


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