I got a ride into Millinocket this morning from a life long resident. He’s lived here about 70 years. It was a 19 mile ride into town. On trail we talk about trail life and real life, but this man told me that trail life is real life and after I get off trail I’ll be going back to artificial things, an artificial world. So, I’ve been thinking about that all day. I think he’s right. Off trail there are so many distractions and we make up all sorts of systems and rules to govern our actions and keep us from focusing on what really matters. On trail we just look out for each other to make sure we’re all safe and happy and we enjoy the beauty of the natural world and appreciate simple pleasures like laying down to sleep at night. Not that those things don’t happen off trail too…. It’s just complicated by worries and expectations.

Enough of that. Today I got breakfast at Ruthie’s which is also where I’m staying. Good food cheap. I washed my clothes in the sink and walked down to the IGA for some food. I also looked into how I’m getting home. Not sure what I’ll do yet. I have to talk to my friends and see if we can work some stuff out.

Shakespeare called the hotel looking for me and a place to stay so I let him share my room and we watched tv and talked and laughed and carried on like thru hikers.

Trails End festival starts tomorrow, so I’ll probably walk around town and see what’s going on. It rained a lot today and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m glad I’m not summitting on a rainy day. Weather should be good Saturday, Sunday and only a 30% chance of rain Monday.


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