Typical zero day. Laid around watching movies with Shakespeare, then wandered into town early afternoon to see what was going on. Walking into town a thru hiker named Stinkbug picked us up. Then we hung out at the Appalachian Trail Cafe for a bit where I ran into Wanderlust. I hadn’t seen him since Harper’s Ferry.

Our stomachs said it was lunch time so Shakespeare and I went to Angelo’s pizza and got a spicy chicken pizza. Mother Theresa and crew showed up. Later we visited the outfitter and then went to the bar with Headstand and his parents and girlfriend. Grim, Whistle, Clever Girl and Dumptruck met me there and hikers just started pouring in. I congratulated my friends on their completion of the trail and looked at their pictures. It made me all teary-eyed. I’m so proud of them and so happy for them.

I got some food at the hiker feed and then went back to the hotel room to sleep. I wanna get back on the trail. I might see Carpenter tomorrow.


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