After saying goodbye to grim, whistle, clever girl and dumptruck, I watched the hiker parade from the sidewalk and lovingly heckled the hikers I knew. The parade was short. The warrior hikers led the ruckus, followed by music and local organizations and emergency vehicles.

I got a ride to Abol bridge from Stinkbug. I waited there for several hours for Carpenter and Jabberwocky. In the meantime I chatted with Hugs, Chipper and Skinny. I ran into Dragginfly who I met in the Shenandoah national park. He summited last month. He’s originally from Maine and is just hanging out for a bit. It was great to see him. I met his sister too. Skyline and his two friends whom I talked with over breakfast in Millinocket showed up to do a little hiking.

Carpenter and Jabberwocky showed up in the middle of the afternoon. Reunited! They vented about the 100 mile wilderness and how wet and boggy it was. I was in town while it was raining. Lucky me. We camped at Abol Pines campground and had a great night catching up. Oh, saw Codewalker too!

I’m getting a cold. I think I got it from Whistle or maybe it’s the stress of the end of the trail or too much time in town. I started the trail sick, might as well end it sick too.


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